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Sights of Armenia


Armenia is popular with its rich and diverse nature and with cultural and historical sights. There are more than 4000 historical monuments all around Armenia including ancient castles, unique monasteries, pagan temples and old Armenian historic churches. Armenian culture was influenced by Hellenic and Roman culture and that is reflected in Armenian architecture.


Among the most popular tourist attractions are Erebuni fortress in Yerevan, Garni pagan temple in Garni village and Ejmiatsin Cathedral in the city of Ejmiatsin. While talking about Garni, it should be mentioned that it is one of the most popular and ancient temples of Hellenistic architecture in this region.


Armenia is also rich with natural sights like waterfalls, forests, caves and high mountains. Many trees and animals, which are listed in the Red Book, can be found in Armenia. Moreover, the incredible nature of this mountainous country will surely impress all the travelers especially after visiting the Khosrov national Park and Teghut forest. Near Garni temple, you will see the Garni Gorge or “Symphony of the Stones”, that is an amazing natural architecture from stones.


Among the places of interests, many Christian monasteries, churches and temples can be found in Armenia. Armenian Apostolic church played an important role in history of Armenian nation; it helped to keep the national identity for many centuries. Many such monasteries and churches were built during the centuries, and for visiting such places, one must try hard because they are built in difficult-to-visit places.


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