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Independent trip to Armenia


Armenia, which has a rich culture, history and way of life, favorable climatic conditions, hospitality and friendliness of local people, has always been one of the most attractive destinations for tourists from Russia, as well as the countries of near and far abroad.

While planning an independent trip to Armenia, you probably thought to carefully and thoroughly prepare for it, so that this journey should went in the most rich and interesting way, and stayed with you for a lifetime as one of the brightest and most exciting adventures of your life.

There are over simplified entry requirements for the citizens from USA, Canada, Europe and a number of countries: they do not need a visa to enter Armenia, only passport is required. Maximum stay in Armenia is 180 days. Passports are stamped at the checkpoint when crossing the state border.

When crossing the border you should have a foreign passport, passport of the citizenship of your country or a temporary identity card, birth certificate of children under the age of 14, and if necessary, the customs declaration for the import of foreign currency.

There is a route bus network in Armenia, connecting Yerevan with almost all towns and villages. In addition, lovers of independent trips across the country can take advantage of rental cars or taxi services.


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