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Restaurants of Armenia and Yerevan


Everybody knows that Armenia is a traditional country especially when it concerns to traditional cuisine. As a result, nowadays there are numbers of restaurants in Armenia and especially in the Yerevan and mainly in the suburbs. The restaurant business is highly developed in Armenia so you can find any restaurant you want.


Many restaurants with different interior and exterior solutions can be found in Yerevan and in Armenia in general, and each of them is unique and beautiful in their own way. You can taste the delicious traditional Armenian dishes in one place and great dishes from European, Asian or American cuisine in another. In the restaurants of Armenia, you can find not only traditional Armenian dishes but also a wide range of famous dishes from all over the world.


Besides many restaurants, one can also find many modern entertaining places in Yerevan like pubs, bars and nightclubs.


Giza hotel-restaurant complex is the one that includes the best traditions of Armenian cuisine. We pay more attention to the freshness of the food and the products, so everything here is fresh, tasty and delicious.


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